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Aren't you tired of being in the comfort of your own home, only to get the day ruined by being attacked by monsters from the underworld? Well you can bet that I am!

These guys chose the wrong girl to mess around, not only am I strong, but I can possess enemies with my soul!

Join me in a metroidvania style game, full of adventures, dangers and tea.

You know what they say, if you can't beat them, take over their bodies and make them fight their friends~

If you are curious about the game but can't play it, here is full gameplay without commentary:


This game may contain visual effects that have the pontential to induce seizures for people with PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY.

If you suffer from this condition discretion is adviced.


- The demo doesn't lag anymore - the lava now has a texture so it actually looks like lava

Since we don't have linux, we don't actually now if the linux version works, We would love If someone who uses linux can tell us If it works!

Thanks to SkyCharger for one of the ideas to reduce lag


Ghost Gal Demon 1.2 win64.rar 128 MB
Ghost Gal Demon 1.2 win64.zip 142 MB


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I really love the main character's design, and the funny dialogue. Nice